Since 2004, Wake QA has managed over 1000 unique aviation standards audits across the world. Our global team has performed audits from Alaska to Australia and handles every job with a client-centric approach. Wake QA can also provide our committed support for oil and gas companies in need of auditing.


The Wake QA Style

To make sure all Wake QA audits meet the strict criteria demanded of aviation auditing, we perform all our audits using the ‘Wake QA style’. Our auditors will always report using the Wake QA style, which we designed to exceed the detailed technical requirements of our clients or other relevant regulatory bodies.

The Process

1. Planning

Once contacted, Wake QA will analyse the specific needs of your airline against the audit in hand, to create a detailed audit plan, along with arranging all of the logistics to get the team to where they need to be. Our aviation advisers will also be on hand to explain any aspect of the audit at any point in the process.

2. The Audit Itself

Our team of highly qualified auditors will then complete an on-site audit wherever you are situated under whichever standard you require. Wake QA auditors, which includes compliance managers and director safety managers as well as pilots, engineers and civil aviation inspectors, will always conduct these audits in keeping with any requirements, as well as within the guidelines of our Wake QA style.

3. Audit Closure

Our team will document their findings and communicate them to you, the airline, after the audit following an extensive quality control process. Corrective action plans will be established and agreed before verification of any corrective action taken in order to close the audit.

Types of Audit

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Memberships and Accreditations

Wake QA Ltd. are accredited by a wide range of commercial aviation bodies, which are supplemented by strategic memberships in order to provide our wide-ranging aviation safety expertise around the globe.

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