Auditing programmes for oil and gas companies are often more extensive than those managed by regular airlines. Wake QA enters into long-term contracts with constant and ever-evolving levels of support, or we can provide support through our dedicated oil & gas programme.

Wake QA carries out audits to international, IOGP and company aviation standards. Audits can be handled to meet the needs of both fixed and rotary wing carriers, while our consultation services ensure our clients can continue to adapt to any legislation or organisational changes.

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International, IOGP and Company-specific Compliance

Wake QA is a specialist provider of internationally accredited auditing certifications, including comprehensive IOSA and ISSA audits. 

Our auditing services for oil and gas companies extend to assisting with IOGP regulations, including Offshore Helicopter Recommended Practices (OHRP Report 690) and Aircraft Management Guidelines (AMG Report 590). We cater all of our auditing contracts to the demands of specific clients, working closely to ensure all auditing also complies with demanding company-specific requirements.

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Targeted Sector Consultation Services

Wake QA consists of a global team of experienced professionals within the aviation industry. This includes procurement managers and directors for the oil and gas sector. 

As a result, Wake QA provides targeted consultation specific to the demands of aviation solutions for oil and gas companies. Our expertise ensures all of our partners can optimise their safety standards and exceed their operational goals.

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