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Foundation Quality Auditor Course

The Foundation Quality Auditor Course aims to equip professionals in the aviation industry, with up-to-the-minute practical knowledge of aviation quality management, the role of the auditor and aviation auditing techniques.

Content of Course:


3 Days

Day 1

Key Regulators and Regulatory Requirements

ISO 9000 and Quality Requirements

 Audit Terminology

 Deming Cycle

 Quality System Components

Process Management

Document Control

 Day 2

Auditor Qualification and Requirements

Auditor Responsibilities

Audit Preparation

Audit Performance

Gathering Evidence

Questioning Approaches

Sampling and Recording Evidence

 Day 3 

Human Factors

 Measuring Compliance

 Root Cause Analysis

 Developing and Initiating a Corrective Action Record

 Levels of Non-Conformity

 Audit Reporting and Follow-up

 QMS and Safety Management Systems (SMS)


What you can expect to achieve after course completion.

You will be able to work as an internal auditor within the aviation industry.

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