Wake QA Ltd.

About Wake (QA) Ltd.

Wake (QA) Ltd aims to be the global leader in increasing Operational Safety for the Aviation Industry, with the sole purpose of making the aviation environment the safest place in which to travel and work.

Operational safety is key in helping to make airlines and their partners' operations safer, as well as maximising airline operator efficiency and bottom-line.

Offering auditing, training and consulting services across a wide range of subject matter, we employ a team of highly experienced and qualified professionals that will help you reach your operational safety and quality goals.

Wake (QA) Ltd. is a full-service provider that caters for all of your airline and airline partner, safety and quality needs. We are focused on providing a fully supportive service from start to finish. Placing a high emphasis on our own performance, we ensure all of our customers receive individual care of the highest quality. Wake (QA) Ltd. is also an ISO9001:2015 registered company which demonstrates our commitment to providing quality services to our customers. 

We have served over 400 airlines to date, and counting. Get in touch with us to see how we can help you.