Comprehensive Safety Support for the Aviation Industry

Wake QA provides full-service auditing, including complete IOSA registrations, for passenger and cargo airlines of any size, including where applicable audits for registration as an IOSA or ISSA operator.

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Oil & Gas

Reliable, Long-term Auditing Assistance for Companies and Aviation Service Providers

Wake QA fulfils multiple-year contracts for oil and gas companies to provide aviation auditing and consultancy services, to ensure company aviation standards and IOGP recommendations.

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Wake (QA) Ltd aims to be the global leader in increasing Operational Safety for the Aviation Industry, with the sole purpose of making the aviation environment the safest place in which to travel and work.



Complete IOSA, ISSA, IOGP and Regulatory Compliance

Wake QA specialises in providing quality auditing services, including end-to-end IOSA registration, the gold standard of aviation safety standards.

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Diverse Consultancy Services

Wake QA provides advanced consultancy services for the aviation industry, including regulatory compliance, IOSA preparations and manual development assistance.

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Dedicated Aviation Training Courses

Wake QA training courses make sure our clients go one step beyond successful audits. Our accomplished training organisation can provide courses to equip individuals with knowledge and qualifications in quality, safety, auditing. 

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